A 1928 Conn mezzo-soprano saxophone in F, and a modern Selmer alto saxophone in Eb. The Eb alto saxophone is the most commonly seen and heard member of the saxophone family. It's expressive potential, technical facility, voicelike sound, and comfortable range have made it a favorite of composers and performers. The mezzo-soprano is only a whole tone higher in pitch, so it corresponds to Adolphe Sax's F alto, which was intended for symphonic use. But the Conn company manufactured this instrument with a bore diameter that doesn't exceed that of a soprano saxophone, so it has a reedier soprano-like timbre with an alto-like range. Conn was famous for their over-the-top advertising- To see their press announcement for the mezzo soprano, click the banner below.



The F mezzo-soprano saxophone in action


sound samples:

mp3 Spectrum improvisation mezzo, tenor, baritone 6.2MB

from Variations on Taki's "Kojo no Tsuki" by Sasamori:

mp3 demo F Mezzo-soprano sax 2.2MB

mp3 demo Eb Alto sax 1.8MB



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